We actually left Mount Isa at five o’clock in the afternoon

Beautiful sunset from Karumba pub


We actually left Mount Isa at five o’clock in the afternoon, as we were waiting on our car, and also we were that keen to leave Mount Isa. We made it to the Burke and Wills roadhouse where we just camped over the road for the night. It was stinking hot that night, and I really should have fired up the genny to get the air con going, but instead we just flannelled down and opened all the windows.

Karumba is a small fishing town, which came highly recommended by my brother. It is a cute little town, and we checked in straight away to the Sunset Point Caravan Park. It’s a beautiful caravan park with palm trees, a nice pool, and really nice managers who funnily enough met in Exmouth about two years ago!

The caravan park is right near the opening of the Norman River, which was handy for me as I was determined to catch a Barra. As luck would have it for me, the fishing hadn’t been all that good due to the extremely bad wet season that was happening. Basically they were telling me, no rain, no fish.

I was still determined but. The first day, I was flicking lures from the banks and I met Darren who lived in the town. Darren has caught an amazing amount of Barramundi in the Norman River, which he showed me photos of. Some were landed right where we were fishing! I swear I must have flicked my lure 1000 times while in Karumba!

Anyway, I finally caught one a few mornings later, a beautiful 680mm Barra. Tick that one of the list.

We also met heaps of really nice people in the park, who really made our time in Karumba great. We met Steve and Mary-Anne, Tom across from us, and we also met Trev who has been going to Karumba for 40 odd years. Trev was a real salt of the earth guy, who was fantastic to listen to and hear his old stories. Trev’s health hasn’t been to good lately, but you would never know it from his attitude to life. A lot of us could learn from his attitude to tough times.

We also met a group of guys we named the Bribie Boys. These guys were Barry, Bob, Jim, Wally and Grant. These guys were absolute legends in my book. They were all Vietnam Veterans who live on Bribie Island and are best mates. They came to karumba on there annual fishing trip, or I should say ONE of there annual fishing trips. As Wally said, since he retired, his so busy he might have to employ someone!!!

I met these guys at the fish cleaning table, and we hit it off straight away. They ended up taking me out in their boats 4 days, which was really nice of them. Many jokes and stories were told, most by Wally, and they all fell in love with Cedar. I miss these guys, but we will defiantly catch up with them at Bribie Island. It really is amazing that even with such a difference in our ages, we all shared good times, jokes and plenty of stories over 3 or 10 beers!!!

I was telling the Bribie boys about learning to throw the cast net, and they recruited me straight away. My technique was to jump onto the mud bank and chase the pop eye mullet along then throw the net. all fun and games till a 3 meter salty decided to pop his head up and say hello about 25m from where i was sitting on the bow of the boat washing my feet!!!! to say it opened my eyes up was an understatement. So we nosed the boat towards the croc, and to all of our surprise, he was sitting only a meter from the water line. Really scary stuff!!! So Wally and Barry made the joint executive decision not to worry about getting any live bait anymore…

As well as fishing, fishing and more fishing, we also went on bike rides into town, down along the cycle path which follows the banks of the Norman River.

We also had a few amazing evenings at the Karumba Tavern, which possibly has the best view of any Beer garden I have ever been to!!! The sunset was amazing, even better with an ice cold schooner in your hand!!! We enjoyed the Sunday night roast with our new found friends, Steve and Mary-anne, Trev and Tom and Darren and Chris. Great company and a great time.

The caravan park put on a sausage sizzle night, which was really great as all the caravan park came together and socialized and mingled, it was a great way to meet everyone and get together for a few drinks.

Sadly our time at Karumba came to an en

d, we were due to meet our parents in Cairns. But you know the old saying…. All good things come to an end.


A wonderful resident Trev feeding Cedars baby with Beer
Arfternoon drinks in the caravan park
Local wildlife crossing
Big Barra Head left on a steak at the Normanton River
Normanton River
Bribie Island Boys, fantastic bunch of guys
Cedar ready for the pub
Benny with his Barra (Finally)
Fishng with the Bribie boys
Another Sunset at the pub
Sausage Sizzle night at the caravan park
Crocodile while catching bait on the banks
Croc Watching
Fishing out the front of the Caravan Park
Iconic Normanton Croc
Trev at the pub and Benny and Cedar on the beach
Another beautiful Sunset




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